The Company was formed to undertake an acquisition of a controlling interest in a company or business. Given their experience, the Board will focus on the resources and technology metals sectors important for the energy transition and for establishing a sustainable economy.


The Company was incorporated and registered in England and Wales on 21 January 2021 to undertake an acquisition of a controlling interest in a company or business (the “Acquisition”).

The Board will focus on the resources and technology metals sectors. The Company will look to invest in jurisdictions capable of delivering the necessary approvals within a timescale supportive of the targeted return. The Company does not have any specific acquisition under consideration and does not expect to engage in substantive negotiations with any target company or business until after Admission.

There is no specific expected target value for the Acquisition. The Company expects that any of the Net Proceeds not used to fund on-going costs and expenses, and the costs and expenses to be incurred in connection with seeking to identify and effect the Acquisition, will be used mainly for the Acquisition. Any remaining funds will be used for future acquisitions, internal or external growth and expansion, and working capital in relation to the acquired company or business.

Following completion of the Acquisition, the objective of the Company will be to operate the acquired business and implement an operating strategy with a view to generating value for its Shareholders through operational improvements as well as potentially through additional complementary acquisitions following the Acquisition.

Any Acquisition by the Company will be considered a reverse takeover and would lead to the FCA suspending the listing of the Company’s Ordinary Shares on the Official List and subsequent cancellation of the listing. Following the Acquisition, the Company intends to seek re-admission of the enlarged group to listing on the Official List and to trading on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market or seek admission to another appropriate market or stock exchange. The Company will seek shareholder approval for any Acquisition, if the Acquisition requires the allotment of Ordinary Shares in excess of existing authorities to issue and/or dis-apply pre-emption rights but may not otherwise required to seek shareholder approval for the Acquisition.

The Company’s efforts in identifying a prospective target company or business will not be limited to a particular industry or geographic region. However, given the experience of the Directors, the Company expects to focus on acquiring an asset or business in the mining and technology metals.

The Directors, have extensive networks within the mining and technology metals sectors, and associated financial service industries spanning the world’s major natural resources focused centers from which to solicit and assess opportunities.

Following Admission, the Directors will be responsible for procuring investment and acquisition opportunities to be considered by the Company. The determination of the Company’s post-Acquisition strategy and whether any of the Directors will remain with the combined company and, if so, on what terms, will be made at or prior to the time of the Acquisition.



Identify, assess and acquire near-term battery metals (copper, cobalt, nickel, vanadium and rare earth metal projects) mining development and production assets to generate value for its shareholders

Focus on the acquisition of a material single business or asset.

Focused on opportunities with potential for significant value creation from the deployment of capital and through:

  • Exploration;
  • Asset development;
  • Production expansion; or
  • Operational optimisation

Leverage collective global networks of the management, directors, and shareholders to identify attractive acquisition opportunities

  • Opportunities to be advanced as far as possible before third-party expenses incurred


Alkemy will prioritise acquisition opportunities meeting the following criteria:

  • Assets in established mining jurisdictions appropriate for institutional investment 

Stage of development:

Advanced stage exploration assets (i.e., with existing resource)

Pre-production development assets

Operational assets with potential for expansion or optimisation

  • Assets either with or capable of attracting a high-calibre management team

Commodity focus:

Battery industry’ related minerals

Energy projects/Minerals for the energy transition

  • Opportunities outside these criteria that represent an ‘exceptional’ opportunity will also be considered


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16/11/2021 08:00:15
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27/10/2021 11:00:52
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27/09/2021 07:10:00