About Us

Alkemy Capital Investments Plc (ALK:LSE) is a London-based holding company which acts as an incubator for companies specialising in the critical minerals and energy transition sectors.

Alkemy has three wholly owned subsidiaries: Tees Valley Lithium (TVL), Tees Valley Graphite (TVG), Port Hedland Lithium (PHL)

Creating a new solution to low-carbon battery metals refining, linking the world’s largest producers with the fastest growing EV market.

The global race towards Net Zero has driven unprecedented demand for the rollout of Electric Vehicles. The world requires 2 billion EV’s to get to Net Zero and EVs need lithium as a major component of their batteries. 

In response to the burgeoning demand for lithium, hard rock miners in Australia and brine producers in South America have expanded production rapidly and emerged as the world’s biggest producers, capturing 55% and 40% of global primary lithium production respectively. 

Australian hard rock miners produce lithium in the form of spodumene concentrate typically consisting of around 5-6% lithium oxide.  Of this spodumene concentrate, over 80% is shipped to China for refining into Lithium Hydroxide or Lithium Carbonate to supply the EV battery industry. 

Alkemy is addressing this problem by creating an alternative, low-carbon merchant lithium refining solution, allowing for supply chain transparency and a much-needed lithium refining alternative.

Tees Valley Lithium (TVL) is establishing Europe’s largest low-carbon merchant lithium refining facility at the Wilton International Chemicals Park in Teesside, UK. Each of the four-train facility will take feedstock in the form of lithium sulphate or crude carbonate, to produce 24,000tpa of battery-grade lithium hydroxide (or carbonate equivalent) feeding directly into the European and international battery cell manufacturers.

TVL also provides conversion services to technical grade carbonate from South American brine producers looking to access the European EV market.

In Australia, Port Hedland Lithium (PHL) is developing a standalone merchant lithium sulphate refinery at the Boodarie Strategic Industrial Area located just south of the proposed new Lumsden Point Critical Minerals Wharf in Port Hedland, Western Australia.

Recently, Europe and the US have introduced new regulations which require transparent and low-carbon end-to-end supply chains. The EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism will come into effect in Europe by 2026 and will tax any imported goods that do not meet low carbon requirements. 

Similarly, the US Inflation Reduction Act now in effect, adds restrictions on any unsustainable products coming into the country. 

Alkemy’s subsidiaries are creating new low-carbon supply chains for the biggest energy transformation in history.