Paul Atherley - Non-Executive Chairman

Paul Atherley is a highly experienced executive with wide ranging international and capital markets experience in the resources sector. He graduated as mining engineer from Imperial College London with and has held a number of senior executive and board positions. He is the Founding Director of Pensana Plc which is looking to establish the world’s first independent and sustainable rare earth processing facility in the UK and is Non-Executive Chairman of Alkemy Capital Investments Plc. Mr Atherley is a strong supporter of Women in STEM and has established a scholarship which provides funding for young women to further their education in science and engineering.

Sam Quinn - Non-Executive Director

Sam Quinn is a corporate lawyer with over fifteen years’ worth of experience in the natural resources sector, in both legal counsel and management positions. Mr Quinn is a principal of Silvertree Partners, a London-based specialist corporate services provider for the natural resources industry. In addition Mr Quinn holds various other Non-Executive directorships and company secretarial roles for listed and unlisted natural resources companies. During time spent in these roles, Mr Quinn has gained significant experience in the administration, operation, financing and promotion of natural resource companies.

Previously, Mr Quinn worked as the Director of Corporate Finance and Legal Counsel for the Dragon Group, a London based natural resources venture capital firm and as a corporate lawyer for Jackson McDonald Barristers & Solicitors in Perth, Western Australia and for Nabarro LLP in London.

Helen Pein - Non-Executive Director

Helen Pein has over 30 years’ experience in natural resources sector and currently serves as a director of Pan Iberia Ltd, Trident Royalties plc and Panex Resources Pty Ltd.

Ms Pein was formerly a Director of Pangea Exploration Pty Ltd, a company affiliated with Denham Capital where she was part of the team directly responsible for the discovery of a number of world-class gold and mineral sands deposit across Africa. Ms Pein is a recipient of the Gencor Geology Award.


TVL Secures Technology and Vendor Partnerships
04/12/2023 07:00:46
Appointment of Battery Metals Supply Chain Expert
20/11/2023 07:00:58
Tees Valley Lithium Feedstock Agreement
13/11/2023 07:00:28
Corporate Presentation November 2023
01/11/2023 11:30:42
Investor Webinar
31/10/2023 12:25:30
Interim Results for the Six Month Ended 31 July 2023
27/10/2023 08:01:58
VSA Research Note - October 2023
24/10/2023 07:00:03
Update on Lithium Feedstock and Offtake
03/10/2023 07:02:49
Completion of Director Subscription
29/09/2023 14:52:22
TVL Grant Funding Secured
29/09/2023 07:00:50
Boodarie Class 4 Study
23/08/2023 08:18:41
Australia’s first Lithium Sulphate Plant
01/08/2023 10:01:56
Result of AGM
18/07/2023 11:00:49
Appointment of SI Capital
05/07/2023 11:00:24
Notice of AGM
23/06/2023 00:00:00
Grant of Options
06/06/2023 16:02:47
£1.35m Fundraise and Director Participation
31/05/2023 08:00:56
Annual Report & Financial Statements
31/05/2023 07:55:55
MOU on process to unlock major Lithium feedstock
12/05/2023 08:00:48
TVL Management Recruitment
28/04/2023 07:08:01
MOU with Altilium Metals for lithium sulphate feedstock
26/04/2023 07:01:23
Corporate Update
20/04/2023 07:00:55
UK Minister Port Hedland Site Visit
17/04/2023 07:00:17
CMA highlights TVL’s strategic importance
14/03/2023 07:00:24
TVL Accelerates Lithium Supply With BritishVolt
01/03/2023 07:00:41
MOU with Recharge Industries
07/02/2023 07:00:41
First phase approval from the UK ATF
24/01/2023 07:00:37
Site secured for Port Hedland Lithium plant
09/01/2023 07:00:34
Long Term Lease Agreed for TVL’s Lithium Facility
20/12/2022 07:00:55
Approval for Europe's biggest Lithium Plant
25/11/2022 07:01:12
Appointment of Lead Engineering Partner
08/11/2022 07:00:41
Interim Results
27/10/2022 07:05:11
TVL and bp trial Green Hydrogen
12/10/2022 09:30:52
Corporate Update
29/09/2022 07:00:36
Initiation of Research Report by Shard Capital
23/08/2022 08:21:28
Agreement with Weardale Lithium
15/08/2022 05:59:48
Amendment - Fundraise and Director Purchase
08/08/2022 15:00:54
Australia’s First Lithium Sulphate Plant
08/08/2022 07:00:03
Grant of Options
04/08/2022 08:00:13
Oversubscribed Placing and Director Purchase
04/08/2022 07:00:14
Lithium Feedstock Agreement with Traxys
21/07/2022 07:01:23
Results of AGM July 2022
20/07/2022 13:54:19
Initiation of Research Coverage by VSA Capital
20/06/2022 07:00:11
Notice of AGM
17/06/2022 12:00:53
Brokers Visit World Class Wilton International
07/06/2022 06:03:35
Manufacturer confirms TVL’s ultra pure Lithium
23/05/2022 07:00:33
Annual Report & Financial Statements
18/05/2022 07:00:18
Feasibility Study World-Class Lithium Hydroxide Facility Located in the UK
27/04/2022 09:50:12
Appointment of Shard Capital as Corporate Broker
25/04/2022 07:00:15
Tees Valley Lithium and Wave Int. Site Visit
11/04/2022 07:01:53
Appointment of VSA Capital as Advisor & Broker
06/04/2022 07:00:27
Corporate Presentation
16/03/2022 07:00:06
Wave engaged to deliver Class 4 Feasibility Study
16/03/2022 07:00:00
Appointment of CEO for Lithium Hydroxide Project
08/03/2022 07:01:51
Admission to trading on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange
02/03/2022 07:25:30
Publication of Prospectus
25/02/2022 14:36:05
Reverse Takeover and Suspension of Listing
25/02/2022 07:32:49
Corporate Update
16/11/2021 08:00:15
Interim Results
27/10/2021 11:00:52
First Day of Dealings
27/09/2021 07:10:00